L.L. “Chick” Gaddy

L. L. “Chick” Gaddy is a field-trained naturalist who has been a student of the natural history of the southeastern United States for over 35 years. A native of South Carolina, he holds a PhD. in biogeography from the University of Georgia. Dr. Gaddy has been interested in spiders for over 30 years and has published several scientific papers on spiders in arachnological journals and a checklist of the spiders of South Carolina that appeared in 1985 in his and John Morse’s Common Spiders of South Carolina (South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Technical Bulletin 1094).

His other interests include ants, plants, poetry, tennis, Chinese opera and travel. He is also author of Biodiversity: Przewalski’s Horse, Edna’s Trillium, the Giant Squid, and Over 1.5 million Other Species (University Press of America) and A Naturalist’s Guide to the Blue Ridge Front (University of South Carolina Press).

He lives in Columbia, South Carolina, where he is president of the environmental consulting firm terra incognita.

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